5 creative ideas for small businesses in 2021

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January 10, 2021

Is there anything else we can do to stand out? This question is probably posed by a number of larger or smaller entrepreneurs. Especially those who are trying to slip alongside the competition and at least take command for a while. There are more and more companies and various enterprises on the market. It is therefore harder to come up with something new and revolutionary that will blow people’s minds and leave them wide open. They want everything quickly and ideally in the easiest way possible.

Unfortunately, for many of them, they don’t even realize that it is first necessary to build a solid foundation and only then to throw themselves on the walls, decorative vicarages and a demonstrative English lawn. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or not, you will definitely find a few of our tips on how to make your business even more efficient.

Why do smaller businesses need digital marketing?

Simply because being online is important to a brand. Especially in the 21st century. According to Seotribunal , up to 97% of people learn about the local brand from the Internet . Even small businesses need a way to conveniently track their return on investment and brand awareness . So if you thought that working with online space would pay off for larger organizations, that’s not true.

If you are a small business owner and the digital world is a Spanish village for you, don’t despair. It’s easier than it looks, and what’s better, there are plenty of quality online agencies to help you.

What should you include in your activities?

  1. A website that attracts and discourages

In terms of design , websites that build on simplicity are becoming more and more popular . It may not be love at first sight, but your site should look at least good enough so that visitors don’t get their feet on their shoulders before they can admire the header and menu.

Build on tone-on-tone or just a few colors that fit together. Lightened, as if faded shades and color transitions (gradient) play directly . Don’t leave their choice to chance, but choose according to what suits your company’s focus.

Don’t even use a million different fonts. Ideally not those that are difficult to read (it is not recommended to use a serif font in the online world) or bear the name comic sans, about which whole legends are circulating on the Internet. Choose one font or a combination of the two that go well together and combine them. With the onset of the new year, fonts go into fashion , especially in headlines and slogans, which are thick and bold, so-called heavy fonts .

Use high-resolution images and try to unify their dimensions. Among other things, pay attention to the content of the site and its responsiveness, so that it is displayed correctly on all available devices that your clients could use.

TIP: Carefully think about the whole concept of your website and try to empathize with the potential customer who gets lost on the page for the first time. Make sure the content is easy to see and all the information is available in up to three clicks.

  1. Manage your company profile on the social network

Ideal at least on Facebook or Instagram . More technically capable, they can also attack Twitter or Pinterest. It brings together a large number of users, ie a bunch of potential customers who could be interested in your ad.

Social networks are a great platform for a more personal approach to clients and direct interaction with each other. At the same time, they provide plenty of room for promotion and help you get better search results.

TIP: How to best present yourself on Facebook with your company ? Our blog will advise you.

In 2020, the possibility of direct purchase on social networks will become more and more widespread . You should definitely use it. However, in order for the whole thing to look great, shine a light on the aesthetic arrangement of the contributions. What to focus on?

  • Single font,
  • uniform dimensions of images,
  • uniform design and elements,
  • use your logo,
  • alternate post types – videos / gifs / still images / carousely…
  1. Virtual tour

You don’t even have to take your heels out of the house to buy what you need. You have almost everything online, within a few clicks. And what if you moved your business a little further? For example, by creating a virtual tour of your premises . Customers can go crazy with your business and whenever they want. Even when you’ve been home a long time ago and you’re blowing sweetly. What do you think?

You can have such a tour wherever you want and it is another way to promote your business.

  1. Create your own video content

Also in 2020, videos will be popular . You don’t have to be a professional with years of experience and a team of filmmakers to create some capable videos. Today’s smartphones are so capable that you won’t even need a classic camera. Shoot live or prepare video content for your followers that they love. Do you need inspiration?

  • Interviews,
  • behind the scenes videos
  • product videos,
  • direct transfer,
  • promotions,
  • videos from your customers
  • competitions and gifts,
  • notifications and declarations,
  • videos from events,
  • tutorials – instructions on how to
  • hot news and trends.
  1. Stay in touch with customers via newsletters

It’s faster and easier than standing on a street corner every morning and shouting at people that cabbage heads from your garden are best suited for Sunday pork, dumplings.

There are a number of suitable tools for email marketing that are either completely free or for a small fee. Create some nice and interesting templates and you can happily send it. For example, inform your customers about:

  • new products,
  • promotions and discounts,
  • the latest blog posts,
  • interesting things that happen behind the scenes of your company,
  • what interested you in that week / month.

TIP: a handy tool for sending newsletters as MailChimp . It provides many settings and customization options, and its basic version is free for up to 2000 client contacts.

Don’t hold back

Whatever advice you take to heart or decide on something completely different, be sure not to try to silence your creative thoughts or say that they are too crazy. Feel free to write them all down on paper, so you don’t forget anything. Later, you can gradually exclude the ones you like the least.

Take regular breaks in the creation process. Thoughts are better stored in your head, and when you look at the notes again after a while, you can think of a lot of new things and ideas. Don’t forget one thing – you create for your customers, not for yourself. So try to think like them and ask yourself questions that they would ask themselves when looking for answers.

We have no choice but to keep our fingers crossed. However, we believe that you can do it with the left back. If not? We are here for you.